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For Compliance, M&A, Contract, Disputes and other purposes

Offering a full profile on a company or a group of companies, its history, structure, key people, partners, networks, reputation & issues, ...

Business cases

M&A process

In the framework of an acquisition, a client ordered a due diligence on a luxury aviation services company. Despite the company's brilliant past, HUMINT efforts revealed that the CEO's addictions had recently driven away his best executives & managers, causing a grave loss of skills and coherence over the very last months


For Recruitment, Partnership, Disputes and other purposes

Providing an extensive profile on a person of interest, its background, networks, capabilities, reputation & possible past issues, ...

HR process


Prior to hire a new country manager, an international company ordered a background check on an applicant. HUMINT verifications revealed that the candidate had left its previous position after illegal accounting arrangement, aimed at hiding losses, had been discovered by the company's headquartes. Upon his dismissal, the individual also had refused to return its company car and IT equipment

Business cases


Prior to any strategic operation and for other purposes

Bringing a useful insight of the image of a company or a person of interest

Business cases

Partnership process


Prior to a partnership, a client ordered a verification on the reputation of a wealthy Dutch family of farming land owners. if OSINT did not reveal any detrimental element, HUMINT highlighted unpublished rumors that the family's lands in central & south America had long been used to grow illegal drugs, and that dubious individuals had often been seen carrying suitcases of cash in & out of helicopters on the family's vineyard in Southern France


For Risk Management and other purposes

Helping you to get a better understanding on the exposure of your company to various types of risks and the possible mitigation points on which focus your efforts

Business cases

Risk exposure


A French company company required an audit of its exposure to risks of malicious actions against its interests. It included an assessment of the elements related to possible social engineering campaign with fraudulent objectives and to shaming media campaign, as well as a listing of identified cybersecurity breaches leaked online


Over the years, OBI developed and implemented a strong uncompromising ethic policy, based on international standards such as the OECD Due Diligence Responsible Business Conduct (RBC), international anti-bribery & corruption acts (USA FCPA/UKBA/Sapin II), Human Rights acts (Modern Slavery Act) & ESG analysis & rating standards

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