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About OBI Consulting

Since 2006, our team of seasoned analysts and senior consultants have delivereds high-end quality services in the field of competitive and strategic intelligence and consultancy.

With teams located in France & Lithuania, and through its network of external consultants based around the world, OBI Consulting has already completed over 4 000 missions in more than 125 countries.

To provide the best intelligence, analysis, and advisory, our in-house team and on-site consultants rely on the most efficient tools in the market and a wide network of experts. Throughout its long existence and drawing on its rich experience, OBI Consulting has developed a cross-platform approach, mobilizing HUMINT (Human Intelligence), OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), and TECHINT (Technical Intelligence).

4 000+ missions

20 000+ discreet interviews

125+ countries covered

500+ site visits


Our missions around the world

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