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About OBI Consulting

Since 2006, our firm and its team of seasoned analysts and Senior Consultants delivers high-end quality services in the field of competitive & strategic intelligence and consultancy.

With teams located in France & Lithuania, and through its network of external consultant located all around the world, OBI Consulting has already achieved over 4000 missions in more that 125 countries.

To provide the finest intelligence, analysis and advisory, OBI Consulting, its in-house team & on-site consultants are relying on the most proficient tools on the market and wide network of experts. Through its existence and rich experience, OBI Consulting developed a crossed-approach mobilizing HUMINT (Human Intelligence), OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) & TECHINT (Technical Intelligence).

Meet our team





Stéphane has more than 20 years of experience in strategic & competitive intelligence.

Together with Laurent Potet, he created OBI Consulting after having occupied several positions within the public research sector (CNRS, France) and the private industry  (GIAT, Areva, Nortel).

Through his experience in consultancy services, he also intervened on projects for the different national governments (Japan, Tunisia, ...) and the European Commission.

PhD in Sciences, Ecole Doctorale de l'Energie et des Matériaux d'Orléans, 1999
Master's degree in Network Engineering, University of Amiens, 2001

Master's degree in Competitive Intelligence, University of Angers, 2015

Certification in Compliance & Anti-corruption, Paris Dauphine University, 2020
Board Membership, French-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, 2011-2013

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Intelligence R&D Director

As a confirmed expert in IT, Laurent has advised numerous companies, start-ups, and governments in Europe, Asia and Africa, and intervene on regular basis for the European Commission. His works cover numerous situation analysis, strategic planning, policy drafting as well as the formulation of roadmaps and detailed action plans including financing mechanisms. Through his career, Laurent led, monitored and evaluated projects for over 3 billions EUR.

PhD in Business Administration and Secret Management in Coopetition, Paris Dauphine University, 2020
MBA, BMI Executive Institute, 2004

Bachelor in IT, University of Franche-Comté, 1992


Lecturer, ISG & Audencia, since 2015

Chairman & Board membership, French-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, 1999-2003

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