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About OBI Consulting

Since 2006, our firm and its team of seasoned analysts and Senior Consultants delivers high-end quality services in the field of competitive & strategic intelligence and consultancy.

With teams located in France & Lithuania, and through its network of external consultant located all around the world, OBI Consulting has already achieved over 4000 missions in more that 125 countries.

To provide the finest intelligence, analysis and advisory, OBI Consulting, its in-house team & on-site consultants are relying on the most proficient tools on the market and wide network of experts. Through its existence and rich experience, OBI Consulting developed a crossed-approach mobilizing HUMINT (Human Intelligence), OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) & TECHINT (Technical Intelligence).

4 000+ missions

20 000+ discreet interviews

125+ countries covered

500+ site visits


Our missions around the world

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